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Success Stories

We are ever so grateful for the love our clients have shown us over the years - here are some of their messages.

The recognition we have received over the years highlight the excellence of our services and we appreciate all the clients who recommended Kingswood via word of mouth so far.  

What Our Students Say

"A quick shout-out to my science teacher! Thanks a bunch for making science class actually kinda fun. Also, thanks for being patient with all our questions and for not making us feel dumb when we didn't get stuff right away. You rock!"

"Please come and teach in my school! You are amazing!"

"Dr Peter explained so many things school teacher didn't and also wasn't in the books. Science is so interesting now! Thank you."

"I wasn't so sure about having after school lessons but it definitely helped me cope with the workload!"


"I struggled so much with EPQ but economics tutor helped me out so much! Thanks a lot."

"I couldn't have got an 8 without you in maths!"

"I think you are an angel sent to us! Thanks to you, I have been able to go to the uni of my dreams. I can't thank you enough. Thank you!"

What The Parents Say

"My daughter connected so well with the English teacher and she was like a close friend to us, helping and guiding us all the way!"

"We were really lost when we moved to London, and your guidance helped us back on track. Thank you."

"Thanks to you my son was able to gain places at all the universities he applied to. Thank you very much."

"Thank you so much for taking care of my daughter - how lucky we are to have met you!"

​"We are so relieved because every academies told us different things. It was very confusing. You on the other hand are so clear. Now I have an idea where my daughter is headed! Thank you very very much."


Success Story - KS3

Lee came to us as he was struggling with the sciences. Started off with once a week lessons that turned to 2, 3 and 4 lessons a week, as he found increasing interest and fascination in the sciences. He is now achieving A* grades, and couldn't be happier! He is currently doing English and maths lessons with Kingswood.


Success Story - GCSE

Ji had gone through a number of tutors already - which was probably why she wasn't too optimistic in finding her perfect teacher when she first started with us. Our head of English teacher Ms Theresa was an instant hit with Ji. Her grades as well as her affection for the subject improved greatly.


Success Story - A-Level

Jun had received AS results that his family really wasn't happy with, from his school. We helped him finding a new school in Cambridge, and became his guardians, guiding him to all 5 offers from universities in the following year! 


Success Story - IB

Sue was our GCSE student, who chose to study IB to apply to universities in both the UK and US. Although she was a bright and able student, she found IB curriculum very challenging - but with our expert guidance and mentoring, she was able to graduate and gain places at all the places she wanted!  


Success Story - Medicine

Ki was enrolled onto our Medigramme™. With our tutors, Ki worked extremely hard, with a special focus on interviews, lead by Dr Peter. Achieving 4A* along with higher than average BMAT and UCAT scores, Ki gained places at top medical schools in the UK.

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